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If there's one thing DA has in spades, it's famous alumni. 

Ryan Key, DA graduate, actor, and lead singer of Yellowcard, has a new short film out.   From the site: "Moustachette is a tale of love, art, and wading through all of life’s bulls*!t. “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger”...yeah, right. Join Eugene as he searches for truth, integrity, and a blueberry milkshake." 

It stars Ryan Key as Eugene's best friend Casper.

You can watch the trailer here.

For anyone living in the Georgia area, or any DA kids still in Jax who'd be willing to drive to Savannah, check out moustachetteatl (run by me, DA class of '02).  We're trying to convince the SCAD film festival to screen the film.

any oldies in here?


it's allison haddock

graduate 2002

just wanted to see if anyone in this community was from around that time?
i got a new lj account about a year ago & am just now getting around to re-finding people.

thanks guys.

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It makes me kinda sad that no one has posted here in forever.

So this is a multi-purpose post.

PROM! Yay, masquerade!

Someone told me they were supplying masks at the door. Anyone know if we're allowed to wear our own? Because school-issue masks seems kind of....lame.
polaroid android.

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I'm going to try to pull in some people to the world of livejournal.

that myspace commmunity runs without a moderator. and there are no underclassmen that actively use livejournal.

i don't want amanda and jeanne's legacy to die. that would suck.

Spanish Fest!

Well, today was a special kind of Saturday.

A bunch of kids from DA decided to give up half of their weekend and spend it competing in all sorts of Spanish-themed things.

There was declamation, vocabulary and brain brawl.

There was also a Relay Race and International Idol.

Naturally we took first on both the individual and group International Idol.

But we also took SECOND PLACE in the International Relay Race.

And here is the lovely proof (and Suzie on a trike)

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Today in the newspaper, on page e-7 in the Lifestyle section, The Times Union printed "The Night Before Christmas". Online, they have a recording. Each stanza is read by a different person who has some influence in Jacksonville.

Mr. Moon and Ms. Allport both read some of it.

If you go to and search Keyword: Christmas, it will take you to the video. You can watch it directly from the site in a smaller format, or download it and watch it full-frame.

Just thought that I'd let y'all know.

Merry Christmas!