woah crap.

alright so i know which apush book m supposed to get but i dont have any clue if there any other books im supposed to be reading or what. i uh. kinda opted outta aplang. so i got honors in that. anyone know anything?

What is this "schoooool"?

Orientation = next Friday? Holy rusted metal, Batman! Does any sentient being out there--by chance--know the time we should arrive? Also, does anyone know if we receive our class schedules at orientation? And, last but certainly not least important, when does school start?


I just made a new community that's based around making art (any form of art) for people who are in need of love and compassion. Such as people diagnosed with fatal diseases, children without parents or homes, or even normal people just going through a lot in their life...basically, we're trying to give love through art to people who need it. 

Check it out!! Nothing can come of this unless it gets members!!

Thanks a lot,
Rebecca McKinnon
sophomore (soon to be junior) creative writer

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Okay, I'll be nice the first time.

Artists (and who knows, maybe a non-artist): I assume you can read. And I assume your name isn't Kelly Pope. So why would you take a box full of expensive paint from Mrs. Hogue's room with the name 'Kelly Pope' clearly written on it in bold permanent marker?

If you happen to have done this by accident, all is forgiven if you bring it back ASAP, because I won't be here Thursday or Friday next week. If you stole it, however, prepare for a storm.

Love sometimes,

Loooost, like everything else

Yeah, like two months ago I lost a black Jansport backpack. It's the one-strap over-shoulder type deal, had a chemistry book in it, a sketch book full of poetry, a couple folders, and a graphing calculator. I probably should have posted this like waaay earlier but I didn't. I think I left it out in the car circle a few early-release Wednesdays ago. If anyone knows where it is, please tell me. If you hacked the calculator for money, whatever, I really just need the chem book and the sketch book. Twenty bucks to whoever hands it to me.

And if you don't know who I am, find someone who does, you'll still get paid n whatnot.

Thanks and all.

-Chris Eastman, sophomore Creative Writer.
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I'm a finalist or something for the Elan contest and I was told to attend some breakfast or something on Thursday...I think.

Can anyone fill me in on the time/date of this little shindig? I would be greatly appreciated.

Love and Bagels,
Kelly L Strickland
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