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Douglas Anderson

School of the Arts

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Douglas Anderson!
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This community? For the hip and happening school of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. The students, the arts, the teachers. Everything. Heard about DA from a friend of a friend and want to know something about it? Ask a question. Most people are helpful.

This community is maintained by cynical visual artist i_am_an_alien and sassy tv/film major letsstealatank. Both graduate in 2008. Myspace sucks.

other DA related-communities:

dasotamixtapes : for our crazy music fans and future DJs
dasota_writers : for the writers
aminsapush : for APUSH students
lippsapphysics : For AP Physics students
da_buyselltrade: Buy, Sell or Trade your stuff. Clothes, books, albums, artwork, whatever. Avoid the illegal. Or not.
fridaymusic: For the listing of the music played in the hallways between periods on Fridays.

This community started on July 1, 2002 by andyish, Amanda Billy. Her fellow writer and friend allex, helped with the community until they both graduated in May of 2005. They then handed down the moderating torch to candyfish, class of '06 and sodalisque, class of '07. Both were flamboyantly-clad visual artists.

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